Happy Birthday, IBM!

Hear ye, hear ye:  IBM is 100 years old on June 15th!  Saw Jojo Struys tweet that she was the emcee for tonight's dinner.  I want go!  Haha!

What an honour to join IBM in its 100th year, and many may not know this, but this year is also IBM Malaysia's 50th birthday on June 21st!  That's 4 days before my birthday! XD

I confess that when I first joined IBM, I didn't know much about what the company was all about; but what I know now:  IBM accepts the differences among it's IBMers.  Here at IBM, I'm proud to say that we are all proud to be IBMers =)

So have a wonderful 100th Birthday, IBM; and Happy 50th Birthday to you, IBM Malaysia.



  1. ruffey said...:

    ko bodek2 IBM ni, gaji naek tak ? :P

  1. aku nda bodek, aku mmg bangga jd IBMer =)