You're My Favourite Book =)

Yes, truly you are.


The Ghost of You

Going back to Sg. Buloh Hospital was hard.

Walking through the same doors and walkways, into the ward (they all look the same, anyway) was a shock to my memory.  I could see everything clearly; could see that last and only time I stayed overnight with her at the hospital.

I lost a lady I loved very much; a lady I kept close to my heart like she was my very own grandmother.

It was hard putting on a brave face for the lovely company I was with; they themselves were putting on their own brave faces.  Maybe they saw bits of something; yet they didn't ask, and I'm grateful for that.  It would have broken me down.

What regrets did I have?  I regretted not spending more time with her.  I regretted letting my then personal life get in the way of our relationship.  I regretted not telling her how much she meant to me.

But I smile at my memories of her, of her sharing her joy for Indonesian dramas and cooking spicy food (In these cases, Aris's grandmother reminds me very much of her  XD ).  And for her patience with her daughters and sons, her granddaughters and grandsons.  And her joy for life.

Who would have thought that one incident would lead to such a loss?

She was well-loved by everyone who knew her.  You would, too, if you did.


IBM Malaysia's 50th Birthday!

IBM Malaysia is 50 years old today!  XD

We had a dedication thingy, and I'm proud to say my dedication was one of the chosen ones!

(Or maybe it was coz not many people submitted dedications?)

Doesn't really matter.

Saya bangga.


(Video) We Love IBM Malaysia !

This is the video my team made for IBM Malaysia's "We Love IBM Malaysia" video competition.

I did the editing.  Not my best, but not my worse (I think) haha..

But it did win us 2nd prize XD

There's also the extended version, with some extra scenes we wanted to include, but it would have been over the 3-minute rule the competition had.  Plus the making-of, with some funny shots.  But that's for our team's viewing only.


Welcome to Malaysia (??)

This is just too overwhelming, I had to share it.

The Home Affairs guy is an idiot.  That's why people do research, not just sit on that plush chair and say, "Oh as far we are concerned, no one has made a report."  Not only you show yourself as being an ignorant twit and a lazy bum, but you're embarrassing the whole nation!  Just because no one reports it, it doesn't mean it's not a problem.  Can't you open your eyes and mind?  Mentally blind moron.

I can't say anything else.  What I'm feeling after watching this video is very rude and impolite.

I'm sorry.


Happy Birthday, IBM!

Hear ye, hear ye:  IBM is 100 years old on June 15th!  Saw Jojo Struys tweet that she was the emcee for tonight's dinner.  I want go!  Haha!

What an honour to join IBM in its 100th year, and many may not know this, but this year is also IBM Malaysia's 50th birthday on June 21st!  That's 4 days before my birthday! XD

I confess that when I first joined IBM, I didn't know much about what the company was all about; but what I know now:  IBM accepts the differences among it's IBMers.  Here at IBM, I'm proud to say that we are all proud to be IBMers =)

So have a wonderful 100th Birthday, IBM; and Happy 50th Birthday to you, IBM Malaysia.


What a Silly Tweet

Someone actually used one of my tweets on his show!

I've never heard of 'The Pulse Network' or its 'Big Mac's Twitter Trends' segment; so I was surprised he tweeted me.

I'm guessing they got my tweet coz I included a TT hashtag.

Gosh, the tweet did sound silly.  XD

Click here if you want to watch (just for fun) .  It appears at 5:26 .

I still think this is hilarious.